Adorable Dallas Laminate Flooring

Providing More Than 15 Years of Laminate Flooring Experience

Get the Look without the Cost

Laminate flooring can be made to look however you like. Whether you want beautiful hardwoods without the risk of them getting damaged, or want unique tile stone floors that aren't cold to walk across, laminate floors can be customized to your needs. Tile laminate floors can handle the wear and tear of children, pets, and anything else that can damage the investment of a hardwood floor or is incompatible with tile stone.

Dallas Floors Direct provides a free in-home estimate for the entire Dallas area. Give us a call at 469-685-1724

Our variety of laminate wood styles includes

  • Mahogany
  • Luxury Oak
  • Hickory Bourbon
  • Hickory Spring
  • Hickory Autumn

The laminate floors at Dallas Floor Direct come with a lifetime guarantee so you won't need to replace your floors again! We can lay plywood underneath the top tile laminate flooring to add strength and moisture resistance according to your taste. If you are not sure if tile laminate floors are for you, call 469-685-1724 and speak with a consultant today! We can bring samples to you so you can compare your options and make the best choice.